Chapter 1   Operational Terms
Chapter 2   Operational Acronyms and Abbreviations
Chapter 3   Graphic Control Measures
Graphic Overlays
Use of Graphics
Fire Support
Command and Control
Mobility and Survivability
Combat Service Support
Chapter 4   Unit Symbols

Icon-Based Symbols

Building Unit Symbols
Symbols For The Ground Environment
Unit Symbol Modifiers
Combat Arms
Combat Support
Combat Service Support
Special Operations Forces (SOF)
Chapter 5   Equipment Symbols
Equipment Symbol Labeling
Building an Equipment Symbol
Composite Weapon System Symbols
Mobility Modifiers
Types of Ground Equipment
Vehicle Symbols
Aircraft/Aerial Vehicles
Appendix A   Friendly Unit and Equipment Symbols
High Level Commands
Headquarters Types
Example Units in Divisions
Supply Sites
Example Combat Service Support Units
Labeling Fields
Appendix B   Enemy Unit and Equipment Symbols
Appendix C   Military Decision-Making Process and Tactical Mission Graphics
Bar Chart
Gumball Chart
Combat Effectiveness Graphics
Composition Graphics
Decision Graphics
Tactical Mission Graphics
Appendix D   Stability and Support Operations (SASO) Symbology
Friendly Activities
Hostile Activities
Neutral Activities
Unknown Activities
Graphic Control Measures
Appendix E   Multiservice Tactical Brevity Codes


10 Jan 2016