.......FP is not only improvements in equipment and hardware including attack platforms and small arms or protective gear--these are secondary to the need for intelligence and counterintelligence support to FP.We need a 360 degrees all round protection for our forces AND installations , and to that end the primary requirement is to know our vulnerabilities and critical assets which are not just the protection of the personnel and where technology or better equipment design is not the only answer.We need to ID the enemy from within as well as from the local population and overall human terrain--we need to categorize threats based on intent ,judge the enemys capability and the intent, ID our vulnerabilities and critical assets which the enemy may target and here its not just the individual soldiers protection or everything should be integrated so as to enable the commander to view FP from all perspectives with intelligence and CI as enablers--we need to have a defensive warn system in place and to attain that we need to have intelligence assets placed in the base proximity as well as in the local communities and counterintelligence reviews conducted inside the base along with support to INFOSEC and OPSEC.There is much much more to FP wrt intelligence and counterintelligence (HUMINT assuming a primary role aided by SIGINT/IMINT)--suffice is to say FP is predicated by intelligence gaps and answering those gaps by intelligence/CI so as to enable the commander to gain a complete situational understanding and AFTER THAT or concurrently he conducts equipment-capability analysis of the tactical teams-units or base and coupling with mission analysis and finally needs analysis can recommend equipment/weapons/protection enhancements--but the bottomline is all these are preceded by optimum intelligence collection and counterintelligence support.

20 Feb 2016