21 Apr 2016

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21 Apr 2016

  Counter-IED efforts From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This article may be too technical for most readers to understand. Please helpimprove this article to make it understandable to non-experts, without removing the technical details. The talk page may contain suggestions. (October 2014) Remote-control "Panama" Land Rover with ground-penetrating radar to detect IEDs followed by Mastiff [...]


30 Mar 2016

    Forward Observer SITREP Hey Keshav, This is Jason from Forward Observer, I'm in charge of sending out the weekly FO Situation Reports, or what we call the FO SITREP. It's our weekly newsletter where our staff writes about SHTF intelligence, security, and defense issues. I'm a firearms instructor, competitive shooter, and NASM-certified personal [...]


20 Feb 2016 .......FP is not only improvements in equipment and hardware including attack platforms and small arms or protective gear--these are secondary to the need for intelligence and counterintelligence support to FP.We need a 360 degrees all round protection for our forces AND installations , and to that end the primary requirement is to know our [...]


10 Feb 2016

·         Counterintelligence ·         Guerrilla Warfare Che’s Catastrophic Counterintelligence Failures March 20, 2014 at Samuel Culper III I’ve never been a huge fan of Che Guevara’s foco theory, which states that a small contingent of guerrillas can start a revolution and build popular support once operations are underway.  There’s too much hill to climb and too [...]


9 Feb 2016

Keshav Mazumdar             CPO CRC CMAS ASC ATO         Fellow NW College Canada War College ATAB CFET TIOCC Antiterrorism Officer CI/Humint Instructor-- WAR COLLEGE  Vice President (Training)-- ATAB Advisor RIEAS Athens Book Appointment With Keith Flannigan From: Keith Flannigan Real-Life Cases of Carrying a Lifesaving Backup Firearm Seven real-life [...]

Operational dictionary

10 Jan 2016

  Preface     Chapter 1   Operational Terms Chapter 2   Operational Acronyms and Abbreviations Chapter 3   Graphic Control Measures Graphic OverlaysUse of Graphics Maneuver Fire SupportCommand and Control Mobility and Survivability Combat Service Support Chapter 4   Unit Symbols Icon-Based SymbolsBuilding Unit SymbolsSymbols For The Ground Environment Unit Symbol Modifiers Combat Arms [...]


10 Jan 2016

THE DIVISION       The division is a large Army organization that trains and fights as a tactical team. Largely self-sustaining, it is capable of independent operations. The division is a unit of maneuver, organized with varying numbers and types of combat, combat support (CS), and combat service support (CSS) units. It may be [...]


10 Jan 2016

Formation and structure[edit] Arms of the British Army Combat Arms Royal Armoured Corps Infantry Guards Division Scottish Division King's Division Queen's Division Prince of Wales' Division Parachute Regiment Royal Gurkha Rifles The Rifles Special Air Service Army Air Corps Special Reconnaissance Regiment Combat Support Arms Royal Artillery Royal Engineers Royal Corps of Signals Intelligence Corps [...]


10 Jan 2016

n modern use, the order of battle of an armed force participating in a military operation or campaign shows the hierarchical organization, command structure, strength, disposition of personnel, and equipment of units and formations of the armed force. Various abbreviations are in use, including OOB, O/B, or OB, while ORBAT remains the most common in [...]